Doug Benson Follows Morgan Spurlock, Announces Comic-Con Film


Comedian and stoner extraordinaire Doug Benson has announced he will once again be following in the steps of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock with his latest cinematic endeavor. Yes, even though The Greatest Story Ever Rolled has yet to premiere, Benson has already revealed the details behind his next project and anyone visiting San Diego July 12-17 may have the chance to be involved.

Though no title has been announced, Doug Benson will be filming a stoner’s take on Comic Con International that plays somewhat like Spurlock’s recent release, Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, during this year’s con. Not plot has been revealed, but during a recent episode of Deathsquad Podcast Network‘s Icehouse Chronicles Benson did say that his film would showcase some of the con’s more pot-friendly attendees.

As with everything related to Doug Benson’s comedy, we are keeping an eye and ear out for further details and information. Once a title or release date is announced, we’ll be sure to update you. Until that time, click here to see when Benson is performing near you and click here to discover all the great comedy albums he has released.

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