BREAKUPS: A Plea for Purging & As Hell Retreats

a plea for purging

Nashville, Tennessee metalcore outfit, A Plea for Purging, are calling it a career after over seven years and four albums. But do not fret moshing maniacs! A Plea for Purging will be going on one final United States tour with their dear and near metal amigo’s As Hell Retreats (who, subsequently, are peacing out of the music scene in what they term an “indefinite hiatus”…original, guys). The dynamic metal duo’s duel farewell tour is aptly titled, “The Quit Your Band & Get a Job Tour.”

A Plea for Purging posted on their Facebook page,

PLEA will be playing our final U.S. shows alongside, long time friends, AS HELL RETREATS in August and September of this year. The run has been dubbed the “QUIT YOUR BAND AND GET A JOB TOUR.” The last seven years have been amazing. Come have one more party and a few more stage dives with us at one of these final shows.

Take the jump to read As Hell Retreats’ statement and to check out the Quit Your Band & Get a Job Tour’s dates and the such.

Not to be outdone, As Hell Retreats declared,

So, you probably have heard rumors going around about us. Well, we are here to finally clear those up. After 7 years of doing what we love and having the best experience of our lives thus far, we have decided to not “break-up”, but to step back from the touring life and go on indefinite hiatus. We are doing our final dates with our long-time friends in A Plea For Purging in August and September called the “QUIT YOUR BAND AND GET A REAL JOB TOUR” (dates are below). Thank you all for supporting us and for the amazing years. We hope to see you all one last time.

You all will be missed, gentlemen.


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