Stick To Your Guns’ Frontman Launches Kickstarter

Stick To Your Guns 2012

Kickstarter has gained another project this week. Stick To Your Guns frontman Jesse Barnett announced that he has set up a small account to help fund his solo acoustic album. Read the official message below and let us know if you decide to help Barnett reach his $2,000 goal! He is almost halfway there already so keep pledging.

“Music is my life. Not only is It my biggest passion in my entire life but its pretty much the only way i truly know how to express myself. That’s why i feel so grateful to have the opportunity to play music and travel the world doing it. I am really looking forward to this because these songs will be entirely mine with no one else’s input. It will be a chance for me to step outside of what I am normally used to and allow me the opportunity to do anything that I damn well please. I have had an overwhelming amount of emails and tweets of people asking me to do an acoustic album. If i can get the money raised, I will go into the studio in july and record an album of 8 – 10 original songs. I will record mostly all the instruments myself along with the help of some friends of mine. This will be a dream come true for me and I am looking forward to show you guys some of my own music. Thanks to everyone for the support of me and Stick To Your Guns. You all fucking rule!”

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