HOLY SH!T: Alice Cooper Covers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

alice cooper

Yes, you read that headline right. Alice Cooper recently covered Lady Gaga’s hit song “Born This Way” live at Bonnaroo this weekend, and it’s absolutely rediculous. If you really think about it, this song makes sense for him to cover (if he really had to cover a pop song) since the man has always been known for his off the wall and outlandish personality. To be completely honest with you, this cover didn’t actually piss me off. A lot of the times covers of pop songs by different genre’s are really annoying, but this one was a lot of fun to watch.

You can check out the video after the break, but make sure you let UTG know in the comments what you think of Alice Cooper covering Lady Gaga.


Tyler Osborne

Live in DC, grew up in PA. I specialize in writing, filming and taking pictures about punk, pop-punk, and hardcore music, and I also have a huge background in film as well. When not on the site, i'm running my own internet radio show, ToZ's Edge Radio (www.facebook.com/tozedgeradio). I also love stage diving and goldfish.
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  • Listen, he can do whatever he damn well pleases because he is ALICE FUCKING COOPER. 

  • Titus2300

    cringe worthy… you used to be ultra mega cool Alice……wtf happened?