Stream: Mod Sun – Stop Everything You’re Doin Right Now And Smile

mod sun 2012

The fun lovin’, free spirited Mod Sun has released a brand new track off of his upcoming album Happy As Fuck. The new track, titled “Stop Everything You’re Doin Right Now And Smile”, is as upbeat a track as anyone could have hoped for and is sure to have fans of any music moving to the beat. The new song also features an appearance by its producer and good friend of Mod Sun, Cisco Adler.

The “hippy” hip hop artist will be appearing on this summer’s Warped Tour and is an absolute can’t miss for anyone attending. Take a listen to the new song below and be sure to comment letting UTG know if you’re feeling the new tune. Also make sure to pick up a copy of Happy As Fuck when it drops tomorrow.

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  • Friend since I’ll Buy Myself

    It’s pretty decent. He’s definitely done better, and I think the rest of the album will be great. Not a bad song. It’s just not great. I’m going to guess that this is the weakest song on the album. He is made himself to be a fun, carefree rapper to just party/dance to. This song doesn’t fit that.