LIVE VIDEO: Bon Iver – “Blood Bank”

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Grammy awarding winning folk-artist, Bon Iver (known by his mother as Justin Vernon), had his recent performance of “Blood Bank” taped at this past weekend’s Bonnaroo Music Festival. The killer full-band rendition of the 2009 track transforms the song from a snowy Winter’s nostalgic trip to an all out-rock jam. Check it out after the jump.

“Blood Bank” comes off of Bon Iver’s 2009 EP by the same name. Released on January 20, 2009, Bon Iver’s label, Jagjaguwar Records, described Blood Bank EP as a four song entity,

about the warmth that gets you through it. You can feel the air move. Like a fire you’ve been stoking for hours and finally got to sustain itself, the heat blisters your face while your back is frozen solid.

Since Blood Bank EP, Bon Iver has released one more album, 2011’s brilliant Bon Iver, Bon Iver; an album widely considered by many as one of the best albums of the year. There seems to be no stopping Justin Vernon and his Bon Iver takeover.

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