DAMMIT: Deftones’ Chi Cheng Diagnosed With Pneumonia, In ICU


This is a pretty shitty way to start the day.

News starting rolling in last night that Deftones’ bassist Chi Cheng, who has most recently been in a partially conscious state following a 2008 car accident, has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital and word on the street is that things are not looking good.

Thanks to OneLoveForChi, members of Cheng’s family have been able to share updates and thoughts with concerned fans around the world. One recent update reads:

“SHOUT OUT TO CHI‘S WORLDWIDE FAMILY-PRAYER REQUEST-he just got back home last night from NJ and is in ER with SOMETHING serious going on. Pneumonia and don’t know what else. Not good! Please send the word again to PRAY HARD. Thank you all! onelove…”

“chi is in ICU on 3 antibiotics for pneumonia. blood pressure and oxygen are both low. please send healing.

one love for chi,


This story is still developing, so keep an eye out for updates over the next few days. We at UTG are keeping Cheng and his family on our minds and in our hearts. Get well soon.

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