New Found Glory Talk Sticks and Stones Tenth Anniversary Tour


A younger version of myself just posi-jumped due to overwhelming happiness. In a recent interview with our good friends at Absolute Punk, New Found Glory confirmed that they will be headlining a ten year anniversary tour for their album Sticks and Stones. In the interview they let mention that they will be playing the entirety of the album, as well as some more. For any pop-punk kid from the early 2000’s and even today, this is going to be absolutely beautiful. You can read the full interview here.

You can check out a piece of the interview after the break, but make sure you let UTG know what you think of this tour.

After this Warped Tour, you’re headed overseas for a few dates including the U.K. Warped Tour, then you’re coming back here for a “Sticks and Stones 10th Anniversary” headliner here in the U.S. What can we expect from that tour?

Well, the whole record, and then some. For a lot of people, that was a big record; there’s so many people that say that the record got them into this type of music, and for me, that’s awesome. We’re all still trying to get all the stuff together for it, but we know it’s definitely happening.

Do you know approximately when that tour will take place? Maybe December or January?

No, I think it’ll be after that, I’m not sure though.

Tyler Osborne

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