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Schizophrenic Ohio every-sound duo, Twenty One Pilots, have released their final studio update. Drummer Josh Dun posted on the Fueled By Ramen group’s Tumblr that they have finished up recording their FBR debut, which will be released this Autumn. Twenty One Pilots singed to Fueled By Ramen Records earlier this year, one of the rare signings in th last year or so by the influential label.

Twenty One Pilots have been garnering a ton of buzz as of recently. Prior to signing to FBR, the duo (Dun along with singer/lyricist Tyler Joseph) had been selling out 1,000-cap venues in the Buckeye State. They have released two albums independently, their self-titled debut in 2010 and Regional at Best in 2011. The guys plan to release a digital EP on July 17. Their forthcoming Autumn album will feature some re-recorded tracks along with several new songs.

Check out Dun’s studio update, along with a video tour of their studio and an Ohioan’s reaction to sand and sun, after the jump.

Hello again, internet. It’s me, Josh, here with my third ever “web log internet good time”. Isn’t it weird how things happen in threes? For instance, this is my third time writing an intro for this third blog entry twenty six different times. Speaking of three, I have a deep burning feeling that these three entries are going to somehow be turned into a mega-selling box office trilogy frenzy, which is great for my band. Or if I’m feeling really lofty, I can write three more and I can almost guarantee it could compete with whatever the Star Wars franchise has done thus far. Just kidding though, what am I even talking about? That deep burning feeling is probably just in direct relation to all of that Chipotle I ate earlier. Either way, thanks for reading this. If you’ve hated it by the end, I’ll gladly refund you your 5 minutes (74 minutes if you’re my cousin Pete (he’s illiterate and I hate him)).
For real though, Tyler (@tylerrjoseph on twitter and instagram) and I are still here in California, which is pretty neat. What we thought was going to be a three week experience in the studio has turned into a seven week experience. In the analogy of getting dropped off at preschool, I personally am just now to the stage where I have stopped kicking and screaming for my mom to pick me up because there are now cheerios in front of me and I feel at home. In all seriousness though, these seven weeks have been very productive and rewarding. We are a day and a half away from leaving here with a completed album that both of us are very happy with. Tyler was telling me yesterday that since everything so far has been recorded in his basement with no time constraints, there hasn’t been one of those “proud of your record” moments. I can definitely say that both of us are feeling “proud” of what has been done in the past seven weeks. From the brand new songs written here in LA to the songs that have been re-recorded from “Regional at Best”, this album in its entirety is sounding glued together, while at the same time…schizoid. Now I just can’t wait for everyone to hear these songs, and even more importantly for us, to play them live for everybody…because that’s what really fires us up.

Other than that, LA is nuts! Lots of crazy stuff happens. For instance, some hot chick started following me on twitter and a totally separate hot chick sent Tyler a message on Facebook I think. Those are just a couple of examples of the wild things that can happen to you when you’re out here in California.

Anyhow, I probably owe most of you 5 minutes back (whatever that means) but at least it’s a little update of what’s been happening. Hope that was enough info, mom. Hope to see you soon.


(Still doing pushups, ladies. getting really swole McDonald had a farm. nahwhatumsayin?)

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