Axl Rose Falls On Stage Because He Is Overwhelmingly Coordinated


There’s something about Axl Rose that really rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s his inability to quit, maybe it’s the fact that he looks terrifying and I want to stop posting his picture. I know what you’re thinking: “Under the Gun Review, stop posting news about him then!” That would be the logical conclusion that any rational website would make. However in our offices we praise Nicolas Cage as the next coming of the messiah, so their must be something a little off about us.

In this gem of a video we get to see Axl Rose ride the struggle bus as he falls on his face during one of Guns N’ Roses’ biggest songs “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” If we didn’t think it was hysterical we wouldn’t post it. But trust me, it is.

You can see the video after the break, but make sure you make fun of Axl in the comments. Seriously. I want to see if someone has an awesome Axl Rose related joke.


Tyler Osborne

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