F&@$ YEAH: Animals As Leaders Recover Stolen Van And One Guitar

Animals_As_Leaders 2012

Prosthetic Records experimental rockers Animals As Leaders were robbed only a few days ago on tour and now it has been revealed that the guys recovered Javier Reyes’ Chevy Blazer, with one of Tosin Abasi’s guitars, from the LAPD. Read a message from Abasi regarding the incident below and comment with your thoughts.

Unfortunately, this is only one of 10 guitars found so hopefully news pops up on them in the coming weeks. UTG is extremely glad to hear the vehicile was found.

Hey everyone.

We’ve actually got some good news to report! The LAPD successfully recovered Javier’s car. The even better news is that one of the stolen guitars was in the back seat! I’m now reunited with Strandberg #17.

We want to commend the LAPD for their ability to find the stolen vehicle within 24 hours of receiving the police report. Hopefully this is the key to finding the rest of the guitars! Something still may pop up online so please keep your eyes open. Thanks for all of the support.

We love you all : )


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