Minus The Bear Announce Infinity Overhead


Indie rockers Minus The Bear have announced their fifth full-length album, Infinity Overhead, which is due for release August 28 via Dangerbird Records.

The band have unveiled a teaser trailer to announce the album and if it doesn’t convince you that Infinity Overhead is likely to be one of 2012’s best, then we don’t know what will. With just over a minute of visuals and a snippet of their song “Diamond Lightning”, this trailer definitely gets us excited. It sounds like Minus The Bear, as it should, and that’s enough for us!

Check out the trailer and track listing for Infinity Overhead after the jump and get a conversation going with us in the comments. What’s your favorite MtB album/song?

Track List:
1. Steel and Blood
2. Lies and Eyes
3. Diamond Lightning
4. Toska
5. Listing
6. Heaven Is A Ghost Town
7. Empty Party Rooms
8. Zeros
9. Lonely Gun
10. Cold Company

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  • Jakdbz

    Favorite Song – Drilling
    Favorite Album – Planet of Ice (although they’re all phenominal)

  • ugh

    the track in the video is called “Diamond Lightning.” It was in the press release along with the track list. 


  • Brian Lion

    Thank you. Fixed.

  • Brian Lion

    Nice choices. My favorite song is “I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien.” Favorite album is probably Menos El Oso.