Taking Back Sunday to Play Tell All Your Friends Anniversary Tour

taking back sunday

This Fall is going to be insane. Pop-punk band Taking Back Sunday confirmed in a recent video with Punk Videos Rock that they will be playing a 10 Year Anniversary tour for their mindblowingly awesome and influential record Tell All Your Friends. Take that in for a second, Taking Back Sunday is going to be playing Tell All Your Friends, probably front to back. Yes, you did almost just have a minor posi-jump induced heart attack. While they didn’t give any official details (Warped Tour makes the bands on the tour keep their fall plans tight lipped), we can assume this will happen around October.

Now here’s the question i’m going to pose to you: what if Taking Back Sunday did their 10 year annivesary tour with New Found Glory who also announced they will be doing a similar tour for their album Sticks and Stones? I’d die. Seriously, too much nostalgia. That is purely speculation, but I definitely do not see that out of the realm of possibilities.

Check out Punk Videos Rock’s interview after the break, and watch some fun answers in addition to the unofficial announcement.

Do you think New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday will play together? Let UTG know in the comments section.

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