HOLY SH!T: The Full Trailer For “Looper” Has Us Hooked


Joseph Gordon Levitt plays an assassin who kills people sent back in time from the future in this fall’s Looper. As if that is not enough badassery to convince you to see it, I cannot forget to mention that Bruce Willis co-stars as none other than future Joseph Gordon Levitt. I’m not joking. This is an actual film that is coming out and yes, it does look as cool as it sounds.

Today the world finally got to feast its collective eyes on the full trailer for Looper and frankly, it looks phenomenal. JGL has been slowly revving up his action persona in recent years and this looks to be the film where he hits his stride (unless he busts out something special in Dark Knight Rises, which is certainly not out of the question). Check out the trailer after the jump.

Looper opens September 28. You in?

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