Jonny Craig Claims Emarosa Wants Him Back


Oh Jonny Craig, you so crazy. What would we do with our slow Friday news roll if you didn’t run your mouth at every opportunity?

For those of you who either pay no attention to Jonny’s Twitter rants or perhaps chose to stop following him after his scandals, let me just say that you’re missing what has essentially become a constant conversation between Jonny and everyone who talks shit about him. Sure he occasionally posts updates on his life, or perhaps a photo of his girlfriend’s ass, but for the most part we’re privy to the interaction between Craig and people that do not care for him/his actions.

Recently, one such naysayer reached out to Jonny in regards to how he perceived Craig’s career as over and the response offered by Craig is what brings us here today. To his hater, Jonny wrote:

We checked everywhere we could think to look and from what we can tell no member of Emarosa has commented on Jonny’s remarks. It is known that the band has not been in the most stable state since Craig’s departure, but the desire to have him back remains to be seen.

Do you think Craig should rejoin Emarosa? If you were in the band, would you even want him back? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

James Shotwell

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  • Can I just vote for him to go away?

  • Ijust_wantmusic

    it would be fucking awesome if they could come back with jonny and make more music like relativity. the new album was sloww and even generic