She’s Back! Overly Attached Girlfriend Releases Mashup Video


We rarely have an opportunity to take part in the popular memes sweeping the web, but the recent rise of Overly Attached Girlfriend plays so well into our world we cannot resist covering her.

For those unaware, the Overly Attached Girlfriend is actually a rather cute 20-something who simply makes hilarious (or to some, creepy) videos under the persona of a female obsessed with a member of the opposite sex. She started with a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” then began making international headlines with her take on “Call Me Maybe,” and now she’s back for round three. This time, OAG chose to create a mashup video of fittingly titled songs. I won’t give away the joke here, so just click past the jump and enjoy.

Overly Attached Girlfriend has also spawned a billion hilarious images. After you watch the video, click here and chuckle all day long.

James Shotwell

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