LIVE ACOUSTIC: Enter Shikari – “Juggernauts”

Enter Shikari new2011

UK dubstep-hardcore act Enter Shikari recently sat down with NME and did an acoustic session, playing their song “Juggernauts.” Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Enter Shikari? Acoustic? What?” Yeah, I thought the same thing. Enter Shikari is one of the loudest bands in the scene right now, and they are known for their wild and rambunctious live shows. However in a fantastic turn of events Enter Shikari sounds ridiculously good acoustically as well. This version of “Juggernauts,” off of their album Common Dreads, sounds very new and fresh, and here at UTG we are really digging it.

For those who missed it, Enter Shikari in this same session did a “Call Me Maybe” cover. Yeah, the Carly Rae Jepson song. That also sounds amazing. You can listen to that here.

Click through the break and see how one of the best bands in the hardcore scene kicks it mellow.

Tyler Osborne

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