You, Me and Everyone We Know to Release New Material


Indie-pop lightening rod Ben Liebsch (better known by his band’s moniker, You, Me and Everyone We Know or YMAEWK) is working on new material for an upcoming EP. The new EP will most likely be released under the YMAEWK name, although with Liebsch being the only current member of the group, that is not set in stone. The new material will be YMAEWK’s first new work since 2011’s Things are Really Weird Right Now EP. Liebsch tweeted,

@MrHighway99 a new EP. sooner than later.

You, Me and Everyone We Know last released new material shortly prior to five of the band members leaving the group in April 2011; leaving Liebsch by himself. The group’s hiatus was reportedly caused by Liebsch stealing money from the band’s account to use to support his alcoholism, although some band members have claimed that Liebsch did not have an alcohol problem, but rather he was stealing the band’s money for other reasons. Liebsch has come out and stated that he was an alcoholic and apologized for stealing from the band. He has since declared that he is alcohol free and has brought YMAEWK out of its hiatus.

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  • This is the greatest news I have read in my history of reading news!
    Thank You Ben Liebsch

  • I agree. This is fantastic news!