Black Moth Super Rainbow Make Great Use of Kickstarter


It’s been four years since Kickstarter first launched their equity crowd-funding program for creative projects and it’s aided in some wonderful things for artists and fans alike. Some are successful in meeting their desired quotas whereas some fall short by a long-shot and realize their fans may not like them very much or that they should focus on appealing to a richer fan base.

Experimental outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow fall into the first category. The band recently announced their fifth studio album Cobra Juicy which is hoped to have a release in October of this year. BMSR originally set a Kickstarter goal at a whopping $45,000 to help fund the album and some goodies for fans. Since then, the band have accumulated 823 supporters (backers) and have raised an incredible $58,518! A lot of people may be reading this and wondering, “Why the fuck does a band need that much to record an album?! A band I’ve never heard of no less!” Well, I’d have the same sentiments initially but at the same time, I kind of don’t care. They managed it, so good for them.

The offered packages on their Kickstarter page are actually pretty damn cool and if I had the money, I’d probably contribute just to go on a haunted getaway or to get a lot of the awesome merch they’re offering. Keep in mind that a lot of this money will go directly into creating these items and experiences for fans. Go check out their inventive ideas at the link provided and let us know your thoughts on this campaign.

Brian Leak

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  • ron j.

    this band is finished.