ACOUSTIC: Tigers on Trains – “There Is No Prize”

Tigers on Trains Foundry

Indie folk duo, Tigers on Trains, recently performed their new song, “There Is No Prize” acoustically for Simple Stereo. “There Is No Prize” comes off of Tigers on Trains’ forthcoming debut album, Foundry, which comes out on  Tuesday. Check out Tigers on Trains’ performance of “There Is No Prize” after the jump.

Tigers on Trains is the side project of The Republic of Wolves‘ Mason Maggio and Christian VanDeurs. Maggio and VanDeurs started the project back in 2006 and have since released three EPs. However, Foundry will be the duo’s official debut full-length.

The Long Island duo are following a similar pattern for The Republic of Wolves members, as fellow Wolves brother, Gregg Andrew DellaRocca, started his own side-project called American Gospel. DellaRocca released his solo debut, Tall Tales Vol. 1, a couple months ago.

Anyways, here is Tigers on Train’s performing “There Is No Prize” acoustically. Be sure to pick up their debut, Foundry, when it drops on Tuesday.

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