Young Woman Dies in Crowd at Warped Tour


There are two things about festival season that scare the living shit out of me. The first is stage collapses.

Every year, reports come in about high winds tearing down giant metal girders and supports and people being trapped or killed under the weight of them. These concert related deaths are only matched in number by those of dehydration or heat exhaustion.

These very conditions seem to be the cause of one young woman’s death this afternoon at the Van’s Warped Tour in Toronto.

Toronto’s very own CP24 reported this afternoon that a woman collapsed at about 12:40PM near a stage. CPR was administered but the woman was not resuscitated.

We have learned that the incident occurred during Chelsea Grin’s set. The band had the following to say.

While there has been no official statement, we are under the impression that dehydration and heat exhaustion was a factor in the woman’s death. We encourage all of our readers to take multiple bottles of water to all festivals during these warm months and stay hydrated.

Keeping out of packed in crowds can lead to a far more comfortable experience as well. Utilize the Klean Kateen refill stations at Warped Tour to replenish throughout the day and share with those who are not as prepared as you are. With planning and precaution, we can prevent more incidents like the one in Toronto this afternoon.


Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • Aaron VanSledright

    The Warped Tour Venue’s shouldn’t confiscate water bottles at entry just to make more money at the concessions. Especially with the summer as hot as it is this year. The Klean Kanteen is a nice tool but is nearly impossible to keep your water bottle filled due to the large lines at the station. This tragedy could have been prevented with the Venue staff allowing the festival goers the ability to bring in their own water and supplies to stay hydrated and cool during the summer.

  • It must have just been your venue because at other venues we were allowed to take in our bottles of water without a problem.

  • CasuistryAfrican8
  • Sierra

    At my venue you weren’t allowed to bring in more than one water bottle, they took the others away, and the water bottle had to be a regular sized one.

  • I’ve never had a problem. I literally took a backpack full of about 15-20 12oz water bottles and as long as they were unopened, they gave me no issues.

  • Warped has refill stations now. It was even posted on their instagram earlier today. And last year I was allowed to bring in bottles. There really is no excuse besides not watching yourself. It is sad, yes, but you can’t blame it on the tour or the venue.

  • Kalz

    They only confiscate pop, i’ve never had them take water.

  • Beverage prices at festivals are extortionate. Water costs $3 and pop costs $5 a bottle. Not to mention lines are so long it takes probably at least 20 minutes to get to the front.

  • Bell Jens

    Dude I totally get what you mean. They over charge at events like this too. It’s un fair, but at the same time you don’t want some guy to walk in with a water bottle full of liquid LSD and dose the whole crowd. lol.

  • It is fully dependent on the venue. I bring my reusable water bottles each year to mine. Others the bottles must be sealed, it’s not Warped policy.

  • Christoph24

    I have had them take water bottles from me every time i have ever tried to take them in… Been to warped every year for 7 years straight. I have never once been allowed to bring ANY type of fluid in or ANY food.. NOT EVEN A GRANOLA BAR.. Bottles of water are around 5 Dollars at tthese events too.. If you dont have at least 100 bux. Dont plan on having much fun at warped tour… And that is just to have enough money to eat and have fluids in your system all day.. I dont know which warped tour you guys snuck all your water bottles into, but it even says on the warped tour website NO WATER BOTTLES ALLOWED.

  • Christoph24

    It is warped policy. On the website. CHECK IT OUT! I have never 1 time been allowed to bring in any types of fluid.

  • I only see that it is suggested on the ‘What Can I Bring?” section of the FAQ. Nowhere do I see it listed as policy. Considering that it is the venue that provides all security for the gates and grounds, the issue of water bottles is purely dependent on the location of the festival.