STREAM: Woe, Is Me – Number[s] Reissue

woe is me

Woe, Is Me have coupled with Rise Records to stream all of the tracks off the Number[s] reissue. You can see the entire stream by heading over to Rise Records’ YouTube channel. If you would like a taste of what to expect, you can check out the remix of their single “Fame>Demise” by checking below the jump.

Woe, Is Me recently posted on their Facebook page for all their concerned fans that this reissue is not what they have been working on the last month, and that they have been working on music for a brand new album. You can check out the statement below:

Hey everyone, just to clear some things up: We’ve been in the studio for over a month working on a NEW album, not the Reissue! The Reissue was put together as a way for you guys to hear some of the stuff we did immediately following Number[s] up until the release of our single, Vengeance.

This new album is what we’ve been working on. It will be released in the fall of this year, and you guys can expect a new single so that you can get a feel for this new album. So essentially, two different albums (the Reissue, and the new album) will be released.

The band is currently participating in the Scream It Like You Mean It tour, alongside bands such as Attack Attack!, We Came As Romans, Glass Cloud, and many others! Take a look at the bands’ tour page to scope out all of their upcoming dates to see if they will be hitting a city near you.

Think it’s worth buying the reissue for these additional tracks? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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  • Yes, and No, Yes to those who really never heard of Woe Is Me and want to hear when the original members were still together, which was just Number[s], the reissue for current fans who have Number[s] and #Vengeance, no, we al expected them redoing the recordings making it seem worth it. But it isn’t, two badly done remixes by Caleb Shomo (love him still), and We R Who We R, which is sorta great, but not really showing what they’re really doing, from my opinion, i’d like them to show how they’re progressing without Tyler, Michael and the others, to see the NEW Woe Is Me.

  • Martell Lopena

    Take a look : | See the reviews, These guys really hate the NEW Woe Is Me. I also bought the new album & I expected they’ll re-do the songs from the album “Number[s]” but… You know, its hard to explain what I mean is “They just compilate it from the album “Number[s]” and merged it to their latest album “Number[s] (Deluxe Edition)”.