Blaqk Audio Announce Release Date, Tracklist, and Artwork for Bright Black Heaven

Blaqk Audio

The dark duo in AFI side project, Blaqk Audio have been working on their upcoming release, Bright Black Heaven, for a long ass time.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve received any update from the band on the record’s status, and those of us who have been anticipating the release couldn’t be more relieved with the following information.

The tracklisting for the record is 12 songs in length and contains songs we have heard before such as “Ill-lit Ships,” “Bon Voyeurs,” and “Bliss.” The album can be preordered on iTunes now before its September 11th release.

Click through for the full track listing and artwork for Bright Black Heaven.

01. Cold War
02. Fade To White
03. Faith Healer
04. Deconstructing Gods
05. Everybody’s Friends
06. Let’s Be Honest
07. With Your Arms Around You
08. Bliss
09. Bon Voyeurs
10. The Witness
11. Say Red
12. Ill-Lit Ships


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