MUSIC VIDEO: Reactions – “The Missing”


Most of you might have remembered that UTG streamed Reactions‘ EP, Archetypes, and now we are proud to bring you their new video for the single “The Missing.”

Please support this fantastic release by heading over to iTunes and pick this up pronto!

Watch Reactions’ music video for “The Missing” by simply clicking through the jump and comment with your thoughts. Would you like to see more from the band on the site?

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  • daggersight

    Great song! Keep a close eye on these guys, i see them going places

  • Steven, Noah, Michael, Jeremy, and Nick are some kick ass laid back dudes who clearly if you have ever met them, seen a show, or heard a song by them are 100% in love with what they do and the people that enjoy it with them. This is what I am sure is the first of many videos and both cd’s are something to pick up (one of course being digital… thanks NOAH ha). If you arent following this band you should be… don’t be suprised to see more and more great things come to these guys… The sky is the limit and it’s falling closer and closer to your hands. Congrats guys. Warped 2012 and this release are but the start of this story… I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Ashley Howard

    best video i have seen recently <3 perfect song, video, everything. these guys are going places

  • Bobby

    These guys are the real deal!!!!!! Watch out for these boys cause we WILL be seeing them on the big stage one day. But in the mean time, go like these guys on FB, spam them on all record label pages, get these boys signed and get them famous. They definitely deserve it….oh yeah and I’m working on a secret present for these guys (hint, hint: promo ad!!!!)

  • These guys are amazing! They are one of the nicest guys I’ve ever talked to, and they care about people liking their music, and not just them. Amazing music, amazing band. If you aren’t listening to them yet, you will. I see big things for these guys.

  • Reactions are amazing! Not enough people know that either! Although they are miles away from where i am i was megga lucky to find out about about them! i love there music alot and i think they will appeal to many people as well! They take time out to chatt to suporters of the band and are super nice!

  • Gia Jelatis

    Reactions is one the best bands I’ve heard in a while. I was really happy to find a band that not only loves their fans but loves playing music. The lyrics aren’t pop-bs, they have meaning which is a nice change from today’s music sound. A band like this needs a ton of support and they have a lot from Miami!

  • I first got to know this band on Twitter and am so happy to see the progress they’ve made in their career as a band! Not only do they write amazing music and lyrics, they are all genuinely great guys who care about their fans! Keep up the awesome work guys! I will ALWAYS be a fan xo

  • Tara

    Reactions is a band that deserves to be signed. They are amazingly talented, and happen to be some of the sweetest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my friends. Their riffs are amazing, their breakdowns are insane, their screams are incredible, not to mention the lyrics. All around, the best unsigned band I’ve ever heard. They have a unique sound, something i have never heard. This band should have tons of labels chasing them, yet they don’t. Let’s change that.