Rachel Taylor To Take Legal Action To Preserve Her Role In He Is We

rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor of He Is We has had it rough in the past few months.

In late April, He Is We announced that Rachel would no longer be able to tour with the band due to health complications. As a result of that, Stevie Scott stepped in to perform touring vocal duties.

Now in addition to her physical ailments, Rachel has been growing ever weary of the current arrangement. After weak correspondence with Trevor Kelly and her management, she has taken it upon herself to email them one more letter regarding her dissatisfaction.

It looks as if she will resort to legal action if she is not included in the writing process for the next record. We say that’s fair enough. Rachel was kind enough to CC us into the conversation. Here is the email:

“Jeff [Levin] & Trevor:
I am so disappointed in you guys.
I have no others words to describe how I feel right now. I have been asking over and over about writing this next record. I was told that there was no money for it, the label wanted me to take a breather and all sorts of things to push it to the side. I honestly thought you guys were being sweet and trying to help me out. I continued to ask when we could start the record. Over and over just wanting to write. That’s all I have wanted to do while going through all of this. I want to write.
I cannot describe how dark and deceptive you guys have been with me. This is one of my most vulnerable of times and you have ripped me into little pieces and destroyed what I created.
I was looking at the He Is We twitter and saw something that disturbed me a bit. Justin Richards, from Brighten, tweeted at our band and what he said through me off.
“writing day 2 with @HeIsWe. pumped!”
And then it hit me. I have been played all along. Being told I can’t put songs that I write on youtube but you guys can go write under the name He Is We without me? How many of those songs did I put my heart and soul into? How many? And you have the audacity to tell me that the LABEL says “we don’t have enough funding” or “they want you to get better” all the while you’re writing?
This is my statement telling you that He Is We is 50% mine and I should have a say in what is going on with all of this. I have heard NOTHING from you guys. I get told “I’ll call you Monday” or “just get better” and bits and pieces of hope are left to linger.
I do NOT approve the continuation of He Is We without me. I will NOT give up this project that I worked so hard to make happen. I sacrificed my health, holidays, the birth of my baby brother, my emotional state of mind for this band.
I feel that God called me to sing and to write. He did NOT call me to give up. I have been put through hell for this band and I will not stand by and watch you take it away from me.
I can be yelled at, kicked down, lied to and emotionally beaten. But don’t you DARE take away my reason to live, my life in song and my right to continue building He Is We.
I will be taking the legal steps to insure that my 50% is protected and you will not get away with this. The fans will know the truth and this will get ugly very quickly if matters are not taken care of immediately.
This is MY life and I will NOT give up on He Is We.
Shame on you.

UPDATE 5:27 — We have emailed Trevor for a statement. Stay tuned for a response.

UPDATE 5:36 — We’ve got word from Trevor Kelly that the song written with Justin Richards was NOT a He Is We song. It was a co-write written under part of his publishing deal with Sony which allows him to write music to pitch to other artists. No personal comment.

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