Johnny Depp to Star in Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”


If anything can help Johnny Depp with a successful rebound from a recent fizzle (Dark Shadows), it’d be the magic touch of beloved indie director, Wes Anderson.

Depp has been confirmed for The Grand Budapest Hotel along with an as-of-yet rumored but believable (based on the caliber of casts from Anderson’s previous efforts) set of names consisting of Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, Jude Law and Angela Lansbury. The film is said to begin production soon and as The Thin Man reboot and Disney’s The Lone Ranger have both been put on hold, this’ll give Depp a much needed distraction from his current issues with long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Who could be unhappy with Bill Murray around?

I for one have been incredibly bored with Depp’s decisions for some time now and as a somewhat obsessed Wes Anderson fan with the utmost faith in his choices cast-wise, I’m extremely anxious to see what comes of this. It’s hard to imagine Depp in primary color based sets that are so prevalent and recognizable in Anderson’s gems.

I just finally saw Moonrise Kingdom tonight (which was amazing to say the least) and I come home to see that his next feature film is already in the works. What a day! We’ll keep you up to date as more information is released on The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Brian Leak

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  • ellie

    “. . . . bored with Depp’s decisions for some time now . . . ” are you? Well, if you’ve only now just seen the most recent Anderson film, a director of whom you are an avowed “obsessed . . . fan”, I can only imagine what, if any, of Depp’s “boring” flicks you have bothered to actually watch. For credibility sake, if nothing else. Do yourself a favor, take in a few. When all is said and done, it’ll be Anderson counting his lucky stars to have Depp in his camp. Guaranteed.

  • Only recently seeing Moonrise Kingdom was due solely to living in the middle of nowhere with no theater playing the film within a 4 hour driving radius until now. Had I had the time to make the trip, I absolutely would have, but I simply do not.

    Anderson has managed just fine without Depp and could continue with ease I’m sure. I’m not saying that Depp can’t or won’t be a great addition to an Anderson film, and he probably will be, but it’s not like it’s a necessity. I doubt watching more of his recent films will convince me otherwise any further. I wasn’t belittling Depp’s acting, but merely his choices of roles as of late.

    I haven’t watched The Rum Diary but other than that, in my opinion, the last good thing he was involved with was Rango. I’ll do myself a favor and probably go see Moonrise Kingdom again then possibly get disappointed by TDKR. The next Depp film I watch will be The Grand Budapest Hotel unless I want to get nostalgic and make time for Edward Scissorhands.