PART III – Vans Warped Tour Cleveland (Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Blossom Music  Center) July 11, 2012

During Part I of my day at Vans Warped Tour Cleveland, I covered five bands including Senses Fail, Tonight Alive, Anti-Flag, Pierce The Veil, and Yellowcard.  In Part II, I covered four bands including Sleeping With Sirens, Breathe Carolina, Of Mice & Men, and Bayside.  Here comes Part III for everyone, which will wrap up a very long and very productive day at Vans Warped Tour Cleveland.   If you’ve never spent an entire day at Warped, from the time the gates open until the time the last band of the day finishes their set, I can only relate it to what I imagine running a marathon with zero training ahead of time feels like.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted, sore, but extremely content, fulfilled, and happy with every band I was able to experience.  Wrapping up the end of the day was the perfect mix of the pick-me-up I so desperately needed, from bands like Blessthefall, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Blessthefall took the Monster Energy Stage with an overwhelming intensity to amp up the crowd that was beginning to feel the effects of a long day in the sun.  As Blessthefall always does, they entertained a packed in crowd, getting people on their feet, heads nodding, and a steady stream of crowd surfers were in high supply.  Blessthefall kept the crowd in motion during the entirety of their set and are always a fun band to watch.

Taking Back Sunday was my second most anticipated band of the day.  I’ve been a TBS fan since around the time I got my driver’s license and could cruise around blasting “Cute Without The E” and “Timberwolves of New Jersey.”  Needless to say, the teenager in me couldn’t believe there I was, taking photos of TBS and simultaneously singing along with every song.  It was a proud moment, as well as my first time ever having a chance to see them live.  Singer Adam Lazzara sang with such passion and force that there wasn’t a mouth in the crowd not singing along with every heartfelt lyric.

Next up was The Used, so back down the hill I went to the Amphitheater with what little pent up energy I had remaining in anticipation for the band I was most excited to finally experience live.  Bert McCracken took the stage with an “I don’t give a shit” attitude in true rocker fashion.  After blowing water into the air, launching his cigarette into the crowd, then soccer-style kicking a water bottle two inches from my face, it’s safe to say that watching a performance by The Used isn’t exactly safe at all. But on the other hand, that’s the chance you take when experiencing The Used.  They never fail to put on an outrageous performance, connect with their fans, and make the show interactive for all.  They concluded their set by having people join them onstage, at which point I jumped into the crowd to enjoy.

The very last performer of the day was Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly on the Tilly’s Stage.  After a minor sound delay, MGK took the stage and made sure he let security know exactly how Laced Up his fans were and exactly what would happen if they cut his set time short.  Needless to say, he put on a killer show and ended the day on a high note for all.  Typically by the end of the day at Warped, there are barely people left to enjoy the last performers; but as Cleveland is the ‘Home of Rock & Roll’ and all, the Tilly’s Stage was bombarded by a crowd so excited for MGK they were pushing the barricades, chanting “M-G-K”, and screaming along with every lyric.  This crowd is arguably one of the most dedicated fan bases for any artist currently, flaunting MGK “Lace Up” face paint in a sea of Lace Up t-shirts, and “L” hand signals high in the air as the sun set on Blossom Music Center.  Despite the delay, MGK more than made up for it in his high energy throughout the entire set, giving his fans exactly what they came to Warped for and ending the day in a memorable way.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through Part I, II, & III of this fun-filled day at Vans Warped Tour Cleveland!  Scroll down for the rest of the photos from Part III!  I hope you all got to experience Warped in a town near you this summer, and be sure to check out what is sure to be another amazing line up next summer!!!!!

Beginning of the day… UTG’s own Jacob Tender, James Shotwell, & Kellie Gannon





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