REVIEW: A Hero A Fake – The Future Again


Artist: A Hero A Fake
Album: The Future Again
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Victory Records

The name of the game of metalcore is “pure riffage”. As much as we all emphasize how important lyrics and vocals are in today’s music, one of the main things that captivates an audience’s attention is how creatively somebody can write a song. Not just that, but also how cleanly they can play their own instruments.  Of course, metalcore is going to have it’s fair share of the push-pull between technicality and originality vs catchiness and stereotypical, but the guys in A Hero A Fake put up a good fight at keeping things alive with their latest work, The Future Again.

“Mechanical Heart” starts the album off with an onslaught of chugged chords that quickly seem to be dragged-on in a matter of less than 5 seconds before being met by the rest of the band… and it just keeps going on, and on. Then, listeners are greeted with a very monotonous flow that carries on for the next 7 tracks of the 8 track long “full length” release. Redeeming moments in the album come from the relieving female guest vocals in “the constant”, the lead guitar work in “Wasted Miles”, and the song “Port Holes” for it’s alternative feel.

If it wasn’t already made apparent, I’m going to be completely honest: All that really holds this album up in my opinion, is the instrumentals. Yet even at that, they aren’t the best by any means necessary. But judging by the unapologetic tone behind the music, I’m sure that the group isn’t willing to compensate anything for the sole sake of pleasing people. It takes a certain breed of people to actually dig The Future Again. If you’re willing to look past the mostly bland vocal work to find the creative, energetic instrumental work, you’ll find something that could possibly set a new bar for the genre. At least, in another life.


Rating: 4/10
Reviewed by Adrian Garza 

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