STREAM: Minus The Bear – “Steel and Blood”

Minus The Bear 2012

Indie rockers Minus The Bear have released a stream of their new song “Steel and Blood,” which is off of the upcoming album Infinity Overhead. The album is being released on August 28 through Dangerbird Records.

Check out the special message from the band’s official FB below and pick up the song now. What do you think of “Steel and Blood”?

“Our first official single “Steel and Blood” from Infinity Overhead is now streaming on It’s also available as a bonus download on our website with the pre-order!”

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  • This new stuff just isn’t doing it for me. I’m a huge MtB fan but I feel like each album gets worse and worse. It’s so boring and repetitive.

  • Kristof

    I don’t see how you can say that. Each album is quite unique. Then again to each his own. I agree this song seems a bit generic for MtB but overall I’m very excited for this album.

  • I just feel that they keep recycling the same ideas. I haven’t seen any true evolution from the band. I just don’t think they’ve topped They Make Beer Commercials Like This, Highly Refined Pirates, or Menos El Oso. All a matter of opinion I suppose. I enjoyed a lot of Planet Of Ice but not as much as its predecessors.