Tyler Carter announces his new band

tyler carter 2012

Hey Tyler, it’s about time.

Yep, Tyler Carter has finally announced his new band. No, it’s not Emarosa, Woe, Is Me, or Isles & Glaciers. It’s Issues and you may or may not be surprised at who is involved.

A few months ago, a rumor starting circulating that Tyler and some members of Woe, Is Me had started a new project. We were right to report on it because that is absolutely what happened.

The lineup is as follows; Tyler Carter (clean vocals), Michael Bohn (unclean vocals), Ben Ferris (keyboards, backing vocals), Cory Ferris (bass guitar), and Case Snedecor (drums).

We know that Tyler’s EP is done, but this is all we really have on the band at the moment, but follow them on Twitter for updates as they come.

Jacob Tender

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