Glass Casket

Oh, Glass Casket! How we miss thee!

It’s been over half a decade since the last release from the deathcore collective and I, along with many fans, eagerly await the day Glass Casket members can take enough time from their respective projects to complete a new album and give us the goods we’ve been waiting impatiently for.

Vocalist Adam Cody (also of Wretched and Columns) took the time to speak with us about the group to give us some insight into what they’ve been busy with and some possibilities for the future. It’s been a very long time, so read through and get caught up with Glass Casket!

When are we gonna get some new Glass Casket material?!

There really is no telling. Dustie will show me some riffs from time to time. He and Blake jam riffs at Between the Buried & Me practice. I know Sid is down for it. But we haven’t pushed to complete an album. Just songs.

Do you feel that taking so much time from the band to work on the various other projects makes Glass Casket stronger in the writing/recording process or more difficult to get into the flow of things? 

I’m not sure yet. I think it will be easy. We all grew up playing music together. The hard part will be getting everyone together; everyone travels a good bit. Dustie & Blake usually write the bulk of the music & Sid arranges. I think once we jump into it, it’ll be a breeze.

It’s been 6 excruciating years since the last release. What should we be expecting as far as sound on the next Glass Casket effort?

Just Heavy. More death and grind style stuff. We all listen to tons of different styles of music. The only new song we have is a short grind song. But we love groove also so expect everything!

How does the pressure from fans about a new album affect your mindset going in to work on new stuff?

I don’t think we feel pressured. It kind of gives us freedom to do our other bands and still enjoy Glass Casket. I talk to fans often when I’m on tour with Wretched who express how much they want a new album but it’s always support so it doesn’t bother me at all!

Where does Glass Casket sit priority-wise when it comes to all of the members’ other projects?

Blake and Dustie are full time members of Between the Buried & Me. That is there job. I am a full time member in Wretched and Columns and our Sid is a full time member in the indie rock outfit The Yearling. Kyle Odell is our current rhythm guitarist; he is also in a band called Vanisher. Glass Casket is kinda like our bastard child. We all think about it, and save for it but we only work on it when it becomes of age. So it’s still dear to us but sits low on the priority list.

How often do the members come together to work on anything GC in between the busy schedules?

I see our guitarist Dustie daily when we are both home and he will play riffs he’s worked on with Blake. Kyle and I speak at least on a weekly basis, and he’s shown me whole sections of new song ideas. As a whole, it’s been about a year since we were all together in a practice space.

A lot of the lyrical content on We Are Gathered Here Today and A Desperate Man’s Diary seems to be very personal. What inspires the writing?

The lyrics on both albums were pretty much in-the-moment lyrics about my life at the time. My sister Erin M. Cody took her own life in 2002 and that had a huge impact on the lyrics. I was about 18 and this just threw me into a serious depression. I was also experiencing my first serious relationship and the feelings that come with being cheated on. I am in a completely different mind frame now but these two albums mark the darkest time in my life thus far. I was as blunt and to the point as I could be. 

Which track holds the most personal weight for you?

“A Gray A.M. You’ll Never Get to See” is a track I can barely listen to anymore. This song is a literary picture of my thoughts when I first heard that my sister had passed. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Jamie King, the engineer for both albums, really encouraged me to get it out. Big thanks to him for his help. Getting these thoughts out is a big reason I survived this period and I’d like to stress to anyone paying attention; something as simple as writing my thoughts and recording them took me from being completely suicidal to living a happy life. Try everything else first.

What would be the likelihood of a Glass Casket/Columns/Wretched/BTBAM tour?

We actually did a few Glass Casket and Columns shows around the time the second album came out, and Columns has opened for Between the Buried & Me a few times. We talk about doing either Wretched or Casket with BTBAM. I think that could happen but I can’t make any promises. Columns is always open for tour opportunities! 

Any talks of Glass Casket touring at all?

We’d like to do a supporting tour for the next album to come out. With having no deadline for the album, this could take some time. I think first we’re concerned with writing new material.

When was the last time you guys played a show?

I think our last show was in October of 2010. We were in a habit of playing maybe one show a year.

Are you looking forward to the new BTBAM in October?

The new album is awesome! I’ve only heard pre-mastered tid bits but Between the Buried & Me always impress. They could have done anything, and it seems like they went stronger on the heavy side. You get a space suit with the pre-order so go get one!

What is Glass Casket’s life expectancy?

I think Glass Casket’s life expectancy is infinite. We’ve never broken up. There is no animosity between members, we all love the music so I’m sure there will be more to come. Just a matter of timing.

Written and conducted by: Brian Lion

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  • this is awesome to hear! just wish it wouldn’t take so long i’m way too excited for more

  • Thanks for reading, man. I agree. I’ve been dying for new material but I try to be patient.

  • it must have been insane when he was in the recording studio for “A Gray AM”… must have been completely intense and emotional…

  • I can’t even imagine. I would love to see footage but would almost feel guilty watching it at the same time.