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It’s new music Tuesday here at UTG. Time to dig into what could be your new favorite band.

Check out Thieves, an Austin, TX pop-punk four piece. Thieves was formed after the break-up of a band called Tomorrow’s Too Late (which featured With The Punches singer Jesse Vadala), combining the forces of  vocalist/guitarist Billy Canino, guitarist Chris Skiles, and bassist Nate Helton. After demo CD-Rs and hand-made swag were sold to early adopters, the band toured, wrote songs, and signed to Vagabond Records. It was here the band released their full length Give It Up. 

Now, with the addition of drummer James Beveridge, the band is prepared to present the Achiever EP. Driving the lyrical content is a theme described by Canino as “facing your demons and admitting that you have room to grow. It’s about learning to truly appreciate the people who make you want to be a better, more honest person, instead of obsessing over the idea that you have something to prove to them, society, and yourself.”

Prepare for some fast paced, anthemic, punk-rock tunes to sucker punch you as soon as you hit play on the stream below. [THE STREAM HAS SINCE BEEN REMOVED]


Buy Acheiver HERE!

Jacob Tender

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  • Richard C

    You guys are the gnar! This is a sick album. Great job! Holy shit

  • Achiever immediately became one of my favorite songs. Well done. So well done.