Cartel to Begin Recording New Album


Pop-rockers, Cartel, are entering the studio on August 20 to begin recording their new album. The forthcoming album will be the Georgia quartet’s fourth, and first full-length since 2009’s Cycles. Last year Cartel released the quick-hitting, pop-gem , In Stereo EP.

The band tweeted,

Cartel are no strangers to tough times. Bursting onto the scene in 2005 with their hit, “Honestly” (a scathing indictment of social media), Cartel seemed to have the pop-rock game down pat. However, the group’s buzz fizzled after the failed 2007 publicity stunt that was their participation in MTV’s Band in a Bubble experiment (where Cartel spent time in a bubble, under constant surveillance, recording their self-titled sophomore album) and consequential backlash forced the band to regroup. Cartel bounced back with the release of their stellar third album, Cycles, in 2009. However, the band’s mainstream popularity was all but gone.

In recent years, the group has expressed that they might never write a full-length album again. Evidently they have reconsidered that proclamation.

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