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Brand New

Alternative rock outfit, Brand New, are not the most outgoing of all the “big bands” in the alt-scene today. Their well known spat with American media has been in full-force for over six years now, which has manifested itself in an all-out boycott of US outlets. However, the Long Island quintet have been more cooperative with Canadian and European media… especially as of recently.

Brand New singer, Jesse Lacey, recently did an enlightening interview with where he spoke on various topics ranging from the aforementioned media boycott to what direction he believes Brand New will head in for their follow-up to their 2009’s controversial fourth album, Daisy. Take the jump to read an excerpt from the interview where Lacey discusses his feelings towards Daisy.

EN: So that kind of just further cemented the course you were taking with Devil and God. I’ve read a lot about Daisy and how Brand New wanted to write something that would be fun or exciting to play on stage night after night but it seems like there is a lot more going on with that record. Now that the record’s had a few years to age the themes seem more aligned to a vicious shedding of sorts.

JL: See, Daisy was kind of like an end of a road or tangent for us. I can’t listen to that album now, it is exhausting.

EN: And it doesn’t flow (laughing).

JL: Right (Jesse admits with raised eyebrows, laughing) there is NO flow to that album. But if Devil and God was a course correction for us Daisy was the anxiety of doing the right thing and being on course with who we wanted to be. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to be a nut or to not answer to your decisions. It’s much easier to just do things and not care about the consequences. Doing the right thing is really hard.

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