REVIEW: In This Moment – Blood


Artist: In This Moment
Album: Blood
Genre: Hard Rock

I have been listening to In This Moment since high school. I remember the very first time I even heard of them, they were on tour supporting Walls Of Jericho and they had just released their debut album Beautiful Tragedy. I was easily won over by Maria Brink’s great singing voice and her equally powerful screams. I’ve seen them live quite a few times since then.

Now, I will be the first to admit I did not like their sophomore album, The Dream, I had such high expectations and it failed to even go anywhere near them. Because of this reason I am heading into this review with an open mind, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Their third studio album though, A Star Crossed Wasteland, was such a leap forward for the band’s sound that I’m conservatively optimistic for their latest album, Blood.

“Blood” is the band’s first single off the album, and it’s the second track, following a short intro. Nothing the band has ever come out with before comes anywhere near the intensity this track brings. This track sounds and feels like the most honest piece music they have ever put out. This entire album is just like that, brutally honest music.

Let’s face it, “Adrenalize” will make you feel a little dirty for enjoying it. This isn’t at the top of my favorite songs, but it’s great because it’s different. How could anyone dislike a song about sex? The very next track, “Whore”, is another note worthy track. I like the intro, the melody, the lyrics – pretty much all of it. She doesn’t do quite a lot of screaming, but with her intense singing she always manages to get her point across.

A few other songs that I find note worthy are “You’re Gonna Listen”, “Scarlet” and “Beast Within”. I’ve found myself listening to them over and over again. Each song is its own unique sound but they are still tied together to create a singular theme. Love, lust, hate, sex.

Overall, this entire album is raw, sinful and catchy as hell. The only real pitfalls this record has are 1. they didn’t really keep the same momentum from start to finish. While the last half of the album is a great listen, I feel like the songs sort of blend together in comparison to the songs like “Blood”, “Adrenalize” and “You’re Gonna Listen”. And 2. while they definitely pushed themselves to the limit lyrically I do not feel the same way about the instruments. There are some great moments, and they’re not overpowering, but I think at this stage in their career they have the ability to take a little bit more risk when writing guitar parts or drum parts. I do like how it’s a completely different sound from all of their other records though, and that’s exactly the step they needed to take to secure themselves a position among other great metal bands.

Listen to the album, buy the album, don’t feel bad for getting a little turned on listening to Maria Brink sing, and go see them live.

SCORE: 7/10
Review Written by: Kriston McConnell

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  • Chad

    Great review! you bring up some points I overlooked while listening to the album. I too started listening to In This Moment in high school, and I honestly was not a fan until i saw them in concert Mayhem 2010. At this point A Star Crossed Wasteland was out and I found out of the three albums they put out this one was the most shallow, I however was drawn to the dynamic presentation that was The Dream (Ultraviolet Edition). The lyrics and instrumentals of this album still blow my mind, albeit the least heaviest of their albums and I guess the “poppiest”, it had the most depth out of any of their albums of the time. After fully listening to Blood I can label it as The Dreams “Evil Twin”, because this album is a true heavy In This Moment album but still delivered with the same passion, I felt The Dream did. Blood is a heavy, and sleazy album, but through all the twisted corridors it brings you down, it still manages to be a beautiful collection of music.

  • Alan

    So unique and intense automatically means good? Anyone who loved A Star-Crossed Wasteland will probably chuck their CD player out the window upon first listening to Blood. This album is bad and so is this review.

  • lanqiu332

    welcome to the

  • In general I’m pretty indifferent to this album, but I like that it’s not just “Maria and friends” musically on this record (which is how I felt about pretty much all their material before this). Probably would have gotten a 5.5 or so from me, personally. Really not a fan of most of the lyrics and the chorus to “Blood” is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve ever heard (which is a bummer since I love the verses).

  • Kyle Wright

    I loved all their albums including this one. I have been listening to the whole Blood album over and over since I bought it on Google Play (and then on actual CD at their 8/14 concert in Dayton, Ohio –, by the way, met the band there at the post-concert meet and greet. They are all really great people). Anyhow, I can’t get enough of Blood. It is very addictive.