UPDATED: Jonny Craig Kicked Off All-Stars Tour


Just when you thought it was safe to place your faith in Jonny Craig…

Shortly after 2AM (EST) this morning, Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen took to Twitter with a call out to end all call outs:

“@jonnycraig4L Yo you drug addict low class thief. You have 5 minutes to apologize to everyone you have wronged on @TheAllStarsTour or urgone”

At the time of posting, we still do not know the events that lead to this Tweet, but it is clear that Jonny stepped out of line because a short while later he took to Twitter with a stream of messages declaring his departure from The All-Stars tour:

UTG is currently reaching out to a variety of contacts in hopes of gaining a better understanding of what lead to Jonny’s potentially forced departure.

UDPATE: Audiopinions has exclusively learned from a concert attendee that Jonny was removed from the All Stars Tour for the following reason(s).

 Well i was chilling with Suicide Silence. It is basically an accumulation of Artery just being fed up with Jonny Craig. [NAME REMOVED PER REQUEST OF SOURCE] said that when he was stretching, Jonny Craig pulled on his leg awkwardly and that the leg is now shot for who knows how long. This, compounded with the fact that throughout the night Jonny Craig was just acting immature towards fans and other people, led to Dance Gavin Dance to being initially kicked off by Artery completely.

Keep in mind that this needs to be taken with a grain of salt, being anonymous and all. We’re still waiting to hear back from a few contacts, so stay tuned. If you know anything, contact us directly.

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  • Thomas V

    Wooooooow. What a couple of idiots, kicking him off because hes having a good time. Im happy hes not on this crappy tour anymore, I just feel bad that DGD is gonna have a less good a time without him.