Clint Eastwood, Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford, Jackie Chan for Expendables 3?


Producer Avi Lerner recently sat down with Total Film to discuss The Expendables 2 and the possibility of The Expendables 3.  Avi announced that they were talking with Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes for various roles, but the only one who he confirmed for Expendables 3 is the one and only Nicolas Cage.

How many action stars can you fit into a movie? Last month at ComicCon Jackie Chan spoke of his desire to be involved in The Expendables Franchise.

We’re not alone in thinking that every movie could use more Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan.

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  • jackie chan should be main character in expandables 3

  • The Truth Speaks

    I hope Jackie Chan will be in Expendables 3! He’s been an amazing world-action star way before “Rush Hour” and “Shanghai Noon” and his other Hollywood outings.
    By the way, excellent clip of “Police Story.” That is the film that got me started on the greatness of Jackie Chan.

  • Yes Jackie Chan, no Nicholas Cage. I do not want him near my Expendables.

  • daslickflip

    Prediction: Since in expendables 2 Jet Li just left right in the beginning lolz, he will return with a long lost cousin or something who will be Jackie chan and then since Nicolas Cage is in it he will be the villain because he has that crazy face going for him but they’ll get him to be the evil genius guy with a bunch of super thugs protecting him.

  • Marksrider

    yeah… I hope Jackie Chan will be in Expendables 3.