Poster, Trailer For Indiana Jones IMAX Release


Earlier in the week, Lucasfilm announced a particularly mouth-watering event to celebrate the release of the Indiana Jones saga on Blu-ray – the re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX format for one week. The much-loved 1981 classic will be playing in numerous theatres across the U.S. from September 7 to 13 before all four films become available on Blu-ray on September 18. Speaking to the New York Times about the release, director Steven Spielberg said “For me, it’s always been the bigger the screen, the better. […] It’s a complete relief to be able to see a film that many people have just experienced on a palm-sized platform technology, suddenly hurled at them on an IMAX-sized screen.” He went on to say that the special effects and visual elements of the film had not been changed, but underlined the improvements in audio that the format will offer – “The sound is significantly different…it’s a totally uncompressed experience. When the boulder is rolling, chasing Indy through the cave, you really feel the boulder in your stomach, the way you do when a marching band passes by.”

A poster and trailer have also been put out for the screenings, which you can see after the jump.


Spielberg also touched upon the possibility of Indiana Jones 5 in his interview, saying “I’m afraid to think about it. Because if I think about it, I’m really going to want to do it. But it’s not up to me – it’s up to George…and I’ve given George my pledge that if he wants to write a fifth Indiana Jones movie, I’m his man to direct it.”

The necessity of a fifth film is open to debate (I think I’m the only person in the world who actually loved Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) (cue: tumbleweeds), but U.S. fans ought to savour this presentation of Indy’s original adventure. Particularly as we on the other side of the Atlantic are getting no such release. Well, Ireland doesn’t have any IMAX screens to begin with, but the U.K. are being deprived. In any event, you can check if Indy is coming to a screen near you at the IMAX site.

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