Nicolas Cage Burns $10 Million, Fights People In First “Stolen” Trailer


If there is one actor the UTG crew follows relentlessly, it’s Mr. Nicolas Cage. Say what you will about the man’s films individually, but as a whole few actors have been at it as long, or as much as Nicolas Cage. He has over 60 titles attributed to his IMDB and a career half as long as most Hollywood greats. What’s not to love?

Later this year, Nicolas will be taking fans back to the realm of action he’s been in more often than not as of late with Stolen. Cage plays a bad guy turned good who must turn back to his thieving ways in order to save his daughter from a pissed ex-partner (which could have all been avoided if he didn’t decide to burn the $10 million he and this former associate stole, but you know how turning your life around can lead to people to do crazy things). The first trailer has arrived and so far, things look pretty fun. Click below and enjoy.

Stolen releases nationwide September 14.

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