BREAKING: Jonny Craig Kicked Out Of Dance Gavin Dance (Again)


This may not come as a surprise given last week’s All Stars Tour blowout, but Jonny Craig has announced that he is no longer a member of Dance Gavin Dance. Again.

Breaking the news as only he could through his personal Twitter earlier today, Jonny posted at length about the split, his plans, and what direction Dance Gavin Dance hope to head towards in the future. You can view Jonny’s tweets below:

This story broke less than an hour ago and will likely develop further in the coming hours. Stay tuned to UTG for further updates.

Jonny Craig was an original member of Dance Gavin Dance, having helped form the group in 2005. His time with DGD was filled with controversy, however. Dance Gavin Dance released their debut EP, Whatever I Say is Royal Ocean in 2005 (which was re-issued in 2006 after the group was signed by Rise Records) and debut full-length, Downtown Battle Mountain, in 2007. However, after the release of Downtown Battle Mountain, Craig’s substance abuse led to his dismissal. He was replaced by Kurt Travis.

Craig rejoined the Dance Gavin Dance in 2010 and DGD subsequently released Downtown Battle Mountain II last year. However, Craig fell deeper into drugs, scammed fans out of hundreds of dollars, and missed significant touring time. He entered a rehabilitation center earlier this year, and since leaving, has claimed to be sober. Nevertheless, after recently returning to touring with Dance Gavin Dance, Craig was kicked off of the All-Stars Tour, but not because of drug use.

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  • T Pear is a far better vocalist with much more potential and no known drug problems. Those pussies in DGD stated before that they’d never let go of JC and after the numerous reformations with him up front, I won’t be surprised if they bail on Pearson the next time JC wants to suck their dicks to get back in the band… and they agree.