Dance Gavin Dance Confirm Tilian Pearson As New Frontman


While news of Jonny Craig’s departure from Dance Gavin Dance is still making its way around the globe, UTG has already learned who will be replacing the troubled frontman.

PropertyOfZack is reporting that Tilian Pearson, former Tides Of Man frontman, will be joining Dance Gavin Dance on all future endeavors. No official statement from Pearson or the band has been released, but we expect something will surface in the coming days.

James Shotwell

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  • Shoddy Journalism

    Nice report there, champ…. in the headline, you claim the band has “confirmed” the change and, yet, in the body of the article you admit that “no official statement from Pearson or the band has been released”.

    Also, Proper of Zack is hardly a credible source. Go back to school.

  • hello

    I have to agree with “Shoddy Journalism”. Laughable

  • Property Of Zack has broken as many news stories this year, just like UTG. What makes us less credible than any other publication? We checked with sources, confirmed the facts, and ran the news.

  • Do you have one example in the history of our website where we’ve gotten a “scoop” wrong? Or have claimed something as an exclusive that has later turned out false?

  • Not sure if you know this, but the likes of the Associate Press and CNN do not cover Dance Gavin Dance news, so UTG and POZ are as reliable as you can get…and they are both extremely reliable when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  • POZ is a great source. They rarely get anything wrong. Go look at PupFresh if you want Shoddy Journalism.

  • Questionable content

    They’re both right. I think. Or maybe they just have valid points. Maybe POZ never had a slip up wherein something they alleged turned up false. Maybe UTG has only reported the truth. But the shoddy journalism post is right- the title is intentionally misleading. It’s like if an article was released saying “Curiousity confirms life on mars” and then the body amends “scientists speculate there may be life on mars, which is what we hope the rover will uncover.”

  • I don’t think our friends at PupFresh would classify themselves as journalists. They’re just having a fun time and lett ing their fans know whats going on. Nothing groundbreaking.

  • Dearfall

    So where are your sources? Tilian was surprised to even hear this was the case