Baroness Release Statement On Bus Crash


Metal band Baroness, who were involved in a serious bus crash in England last week, have released a statement from hospital thanking fans for all their support. The band members, their crew, and driver were all taken to hospital and underwent treatment for numerous injuries after the incident on August 15. Some have since been released, while the others continue to recuperate in hospital.

In their press release issued this morning, the band said:

“Thank you to all of you who have been sending the tidal wave of positivity our way. We are uplifted by its sheer magnitude, and power. Every single one of you is making our days and nights easier and our recovery quicker. Thank you all so much, we are truly lucky to have such incredible people on our side. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from each of us to each of you.

Please note: Pete is already back in the United States.”

All of us at UTG send our continuing best wishes to the band and crew for their recovery.
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