Green Day Release “Kill The DJ” Video

green day

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong may be in the hospital, but that is not preventing Green Day from keeping the promotional train rolling with the debut of a brand new music video.

We hated it when it leaked a few weeks back, but “Kill The DJ” is back once more as the second single to surface off the first in a trio of releases from the pop punk pioneers. The track follows the melancholy “Oh Love” with something much, much worse. Seriously, this song is shit. The video, however, is something worth enjoying. Click past the jump and see for yourself.

Here’s hoping the next single is better.

James Shotwell

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  • I can see this being a song that would be pretty fun live, but in studio is just… eh

  • Disappearing_Boy_39

    I’m very suprised with the songs they are choosing to be singles. I’ve heard other songs from the trilogy which sound like a throwback to Insomniac and even Dookie. Search for “Stay The Night” on YouTube. That is supposedly the next single and the live versions that have surfaced sound great.

    Being a big Green Day fan, I really like the new singles cause they show a diffrent side of the band and they are a blast live. However, I think the band should push their more familiar sound first.