UTG PHOTOS: Pomegranates & Kitten (8/3/12)


Under The Gun’s photographer, Tori Thomas attended the Pomegranates & Kitten show at Musica in Akron on August 3.

I’ve never seen either band that performed at this show, but I’ve listened to Kitten for a little over a year. Seeing them live really set in how much I like their music. They put on a killer performance; Chloe Chaidez, lead singer, was all over the stage, while going a little crazy. If you’re into checking out new music and going to shows, you should attend a Kitten show! I’ve never listened to Pomegranates before, but they won me over at the show. They are another band that if you have a chance to check them out live, you should.

Check out my photos from the Pomegranate & Kitten show in Akron after the link!



Want to see more? Click here for more of Tori Thomas’ photographs from this show!

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