We Are Defiance Vocalist, Brian Calzini, Speaks About Brushes With Death

We Are Defiance 2012

While people across the nation are busy talking and recapping the Video Music Awards or the Democratic National Convention, Brian Calzini (We Are Defiance) was deep in thought.

In a Tumblr post this evening, the singer briefly spoke about 2 car accidents he has been involved in, both leaving their scars. Here is what he wrote:

I wanna share this with you, my lessons on how short life is and how quickly it can be taken away. First, when I was 21 I wrecked my new car, lost control and slammed into a school / tree and was ejected out of my seat to the passenger side and my head went through the windshield. I pulled my face out and walked 4 miles home completely unaware of what happened. I had temporary amnesia and lots of places missing from my head and face. Had glass stuck in my face for about 4 years. Some how I survived. Second, my band 2 winters ago hit black ice on the highway in Kentucky and lost control flipping into a guard rail crushing me in the back on the van. I was stuck in there with back pains, neck pains and a huge gash in my arm for 45 mins in the snow till the fire department arrived and got me out with the jaws of life. I had to undergo two different surgeries and 15 stitches on my arm. Somehow I survived. After a few real brushes with death it’s taught me to live everyday to its fullest and soak it all in. This life can be taken away so quickly without any warning. These pictures remind me to be kind and patient with people not knowing when they could be gone. Every day I’m thankful to wake up breathing the air that’s given to me. Please take this as a wake up call to try to spend less time in your life worrying about such petty things, wake up. It could be all gone with a blink of an eye.

Carpe diem, boys and girls.

Jacob Tender

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