EXCLUSIVE: Undesirable People Discuss “Eugenics” Track-By-Track


To say this weekend has been slowed would be an understatement. After a Summer that felt filled with endless headlines, the UTG crew spent the bulk of this weekend scratching our heads over the industry’s apparent decision to take some time off. Fortunately, we had an idea something like this would happen eventually and are prepared to fight to help you fight boredom with a new exclusive from Michigan’s Undesirable People.

Last week, Undesirable People released their highly-anticipated Eugenics EP through South Division Records. We have been spinning the album almost nonstop in the office, but thought a review would not properly express how strong this release played. So, in an attempt to both introduce new fans and inform longtime followers, Undersirable People and UTG have partnered to bring you a track-by-track rundown of Eugenics. Find out the stories behind the music by clicking below and click here to purchase a copy of Eugenics to call your own.


People spend a lot of time over-thinking and and trying to analyze every little detail, whether it’s something personal or a global issue. It can be overwhelming. But is it better to care too much or to not care at all?

I Dream Of Real Life

Do all questions actually have answers? What some people will consider their “reality” or a “lifestyle” could be complete bullshit in the long run. Live your life the way you truly desire and the rest of the world will continue to do the same.

Basement Talk

It’s easy to get get caught up in the motions of things. Not moving forward but not moving back, there comes a time where you have to decide to break away or keep pushing forward.

You’re Lucky (I’ve Let You Live This Long)

This is probably one of the more personal songs on the record for me. It’s about someone who is never truly happy. Who takes and takes but still asks for more. I think everyone knows someone like that.

Deathly Combinations

Losing someone can be the hardest times in life. Death is a pretty twisted subject for the most part but this song is about making the best of things through the worst of times. Losing someone dear to you can effect you in so many ways, good & bad. New beginnings & beautiful ends.


People get too wrapped up in social standings and doing things exactly by the book. Instead of worrying what everyone thinks about what you’re doing, take some risks. Do what feels right, no matter what other people expect you to do.

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