Everything is terrible and no one went to the movies.

This weekend reported the worst numbers seen since 2008 for this time of year. The Possession held strong atop the charts, but it still dropped 46 percent in revenue from last week. The new film The Words barely clings to life in the number three spot, not even recouping its low production costs. You can see the full top ten list and what each movie made over the weekend after the jump.

  1. The Possession ($9,500,000)
  2. Lawless ($6,000,000)
  3. The Words ($5,000,000)
  4. The Expendables 2 ($4,700,000)
  5. The Bourne Legacy ($4,000,000) 
  6. ParaNorman ($3,800,000)
  7. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green ($3,600,000)
  8. The Campaign ($3,500,000)
  9. The Dark Knight Rises ($3,285,000)
  10. 2016: Obama’s America ($3,281,000)
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  • marvin john barber

    give us some decent films with decent storys and good special effects i a 64 year old
    and having been going for nearly 50 years and have never seen some many over inflated egos who pass as stars the best stars are the ones in the sky at night