Chris Brown Has Rihanna’s Beaten Face Tattooed to His Neck


We wish that headline was a joke.

Remember when pop star Chris Brown viciously beat pop star Rihanna, leaving her bruised and battered? Remember when after a few months of news and media coverage, the story sort of died down and Chris went back to topping radio charts instead of headlines?

We remember both of those things pretty well. It looks like Chris does too. Maybe he’s nostalgic for disaster or maybe he’s just stupid. In either case…

Check out this new tattoo Chris Brown has got perma-inked to the side of his neck. Looks pretty familiar right? Yea, everyone else thinks so to.

If this isn’t a beaten up Rihanna, I’ll eat my keyboard. If you don’t remember the disturbing photograph of the “Hopeless Place” singer, you can see it here. If it’s still fresh in your mind, you’ll have thought immediately of it when taking a gander at the above epidermal illustration.

Brown told TMZ that it was just a “random woman.” Is this Rihanna? Is Chris Brown just punching anyone now? You decide.

Jacob Tender

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  • Fun Fact: Chris Brown is officially a Batman villain.

  • Nick

    Eat it like lasagna, eat it like E-Honda
    Shout out to my nigga Breezy, and beat it like Rihanna

  • qado


  • Lol

    So many tattoos that my skin can’t breathe

  • Spanish_Artist

    I think you should get to eating your keyboard. Its a Sugar Skull, which is a common form of art, especially around Halloween. Not that I’m defending him in any way shape or form, plus it looks NOTHING like Rhianna. However ignorant people are so quick to jump to conclusions. Hope you’re hungry.

  • ACTUALLY, you are defending him in any way.

  • check it

    That is NOT a sugar skull…I have quite a few and none of them look like they are a beaten face with swirls on it.

  • It took me a second, but I get it. It’s supposed to be half a sugar skull, half the face of a woman, but none of that really matters because what it looks like is a beaten woman. Chris Brown is an idiot for not noticing it and also paying a horrible tattoo artist for putting that on his neck.

  • cam

    Who is this? Sisqo ?

  • not Her stop the bullshit and if it was he would have 2 be beyond stupid

  • RoyBoy986

    that is one jankaty tattoo!

  • what a pathetic and stupid boy… It makes me sick what celebrities say/do with no sense of accountability… I agree I dont think he was thinking it reminded him of rihanna… (I dont think he was thinking at all) Just another thoughtless, ignorant move by another celeb who probably had decent morals and impulse control before he traded them for money… It makes me ashamed of humanity that there’s people struggling to feed there kids and get medical care, meanwhile turn on the tv and watch any red carpet event and there’s the rappers/singer/ actors wearing a chain with a diamond fire hidrent on it that cost as much as some houses… you wanna to something for humanity sell your necklace and buy 10 modular homes for families thats are homeless… its sad…