Nate Barcalow forms Reverend Crow, his second post-Finch band


Nate Barcalow, the former vocalist for Finch, formed Earthbound Ghost shortly after Finch disbanded. Earthbound Ghost’s social media went cold on July 4, after it tweeted “Demo is getting mixed down as we speak. Get ready!”  Three weeks before that, on June 13, 2012, a different band from Temecula, California featuring Nate Barcalow started its own facebook page: Reverend Crow. French media has already gotten ahead of the game with this.

Earthbound Ghost has begun to have a small media fire going for it, with even AltPress hyping their new material. Reverend Crow, in its three months of existence, have three songs up on soundcloud – which is one more song than what Earthbound Ghost has up on their reverbnation in its thirteen months of existence. Nate Barcalow’s solo soundcloud is actually updated more often  and has more songs than both bands.

When reached, Earthbound Ghost was unable to comment. When Reverend Crow was asked if EBG was dead or if Nate was in both bands, Nate gave UTG his first public response in the issue, saying “I am in both Reverend Crow and Earthbound Ghost, and EBG is not dead, it is still going. Thanks for listening. NATE.”

This isn’t the first time Nate has been in two bands at once, as Finch’s final iteration also had Nate in the short lived project Cosmonaut.

Reverend Crow’s first gig will be on September 21, at the Epicentre in San Diego, while Earthbound Ghost has no listed shows upcoming. Which band do you think sounds better?


Reverend Crow’s Liar

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]



Earthbound Ghost’s Hellseeker

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  • I think both are good but i prefer Reverend Crow.
    “Liar” is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard Nate sing.

  • Did you happen to be at the show on the 21st? I wish I was. Damn East coast.

  • Too far away from me (i live in the U.K. Lol) but hopefully they come over here soon

  • I’m personally working on a book about Finch’s history. I hope all of them remain creative.

  • Me too. I still listen to Finch every so often. Keep me updated on your book, it sounds good.

  • When it’s near completion, you should see tweets & facebook posts from the band. They only just started their official page: Nonetheless I’m going to follow you on twitter. haha

  • Thanx, i’ll follow you back on there. Looking forward to the book.