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This week in Stand Up Tuesdays, we take a polar opposite route from where we were last week, reveling in the super-positive attitude of Kyle Cease. What better way to showcase a potential alter-ego than by highlighting the latest special from your favorite angry comedian and mine, Lewis Black. Lewis Black: In God We Rust offers fans more of the sharp, acerbic commentary we’ve grown to expect from Black, but also has a wider appeal as Black addresses a good amount of non-political issues (though he cannot help but make a few references to Michelle Bachman, given the Minneapolis crowd).

Debuting on Comedy Central on September 7 and released today on DVD and CD, In God We Rust takes viewers along on a journey through Black’s most recent annoyances and pet peeves, such as Farmville, Valentine’s Day, Jersey Shore and smartphone applications. If you thought that you’d get a subdued version of Black’s trademark ranting, however, you’d be very wrong – in fact, he offers a warning to his audience right from the start of his set.

“Before we continue, I just want to take a moment to warn those of you in the crowd this evening who have really never seen my comedy,” Black states, “because this could be a long night for you.”

Black’s comedy is not for everyone – certainly not those with blood pressure issues. As he rants in true Black style about nixing his iPhone for a Droid (or, ‘Groin’ as he’s lovingly named his), one can’t help but be reminded of an aging parent growing increasingly frustrated with the world around them. By taking a step back from his usual repertoire of socially and politically-themed observations, one can clearly see Black’s age starting to dominate his material.

“I know about losing one’s mind because when I was younger, I took LSD,” Black quips, “just to prepare me for the technological revolution.”

Lewis Black is one of comedy’s most beloved acts and has been for years. Even if one were to strip away the ranting, the yelling, the “Are you fucking kidding me?” of his act, you’d still be left with an incredibly clever and intelligent observational humorist who will not only force you to think, but will leave you in stitches in the process. Just don’t attempt to take in Black’s special if you’re prone to suffering from migraines (as I was while penning this review), because it’s sure to make those worse.

Winner of Best Male Stand-Up at the American Comedy Awards in 2001, Black performs over 200 nights a year to sold-out audiences throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and The United States, at theatres including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City Center and the Mirage in Las Vegas. He also has published three books, written over 40 plays, and dedicates much of his time to charitable organizations including the 52nd Street Project.

Lewis Black: In God We Rust is executive produced by Black, Joanne Astrow, and Mark Lonow, and directed by Adam Dubin and is available today on iTunes and

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